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Talking Budget on Great Day St. Louis

Erin McCarthy

On our most recent visit to Great Day St. Louis, we discussed how to stick to a budget when undergoing a kitchen remodel. According to HOUZZ, 40% of all kitchen remodels that go over budget do so because the products and services selected end up costing more than anticipated. Click on the video below to see our discussion with Kent Ehrhardt on how to keep from busting the budget on your own kitchen remodel.


Continue reading for some more advice on how to avoid going overbudget on your kitchen remodel:

An Expert Renovates His Own Kitchen

Erin McCarthy


We design hundreds of kitchens every year. Each one is different than the next and very special to us, but we have an extra special kitchen renovation underway and we’re excited to share every step of the process! Our owner, Gary Callier, is undergoing a full scale remodel of his nearly 20 year-old kitchen and we’re going to share the before, during and after right here on our blog.

As you can see from the before pictures below, his current kitchen is still quite pretty . . . navy base cabinets, antique white wall cabinets, lovely details and granite countertops. So why remodel? After nearly 20 years, the cabinets and countertops are still in pretty good shape, but Gary and his wife want to change the layout, change its functionality so they can age comfortably in their home, and they are looking for a more rustic, “French Farmhouse” style.

Gary is currently demo-ing the kitchen himself and the materials are on order! So check back next week to see the kitchen designs, some material selections and the demo progress. But for now . . . check out Gary’s kitchen BEFORE:

“Aging in Place” with Great Day St. Louis

Erin McCarthy

If you’re a Baby Boomer looking toward the future, have elderly parents who have a hard time getting around or want a more accessible bathroom to suit your needs, Affordable Kitchens & Baths offers lots of options to accommodate any mobility challenges you may have. Walk-in tubs, zero-threshold showers, grab bars, taller toilets . . . these are just some of the ways we can make bathrooms more accessible and allow you to stay in your home as you age.

Last month, our owner, Gary Callier, discussed these options with Great Day St. Louis accessible bathrooms host, Kent Erhardt. Check out the full segment below!


DIY or Hire? Talking Installation with Great Day St. Louis

Erin McCarthy

We started Affordable Kitchens and Baths with the DIYer in mind, but there are many instances where things should be left to the professionals. When it comes to remodeling yoru kitchen or bath, when is it best to do it yourself and when is it best to turn to the pros?

Our owner, Dave Callier, and installation manager, Kelly Callier, discussed installation and some of the challenges of remodeling with Kent Ehrhardt, one of the hosts of Great Day St. Louis. Check out the full segment below!

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